About Us

Creating breathtaking possibilities with glass since 1986.


Picture a time when the options for replacement interior glass were limited and saying "no - that can’t be done"  happened more frequently than anyone liked. This frustration sparked an idea and an opportunity.
35 years ago, Goldray was founded with a mission to help shape the future of construction by challenging ourselves to create something better than what exists. We are dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and doing what’s never been done before in glass and to saying  “yes - we can do that.”

— Dedication

Our Home

Located in Rocky Mountain country, our hot summers, unpredictable wind gust, cold crisp days, and the sometimes-devastating snow blizzards have taught us many things about resilience.

Glass is a durable material. In our facility, we bring resilience to the design so that our products can withstand the extra pressure of high traffic areas or whatever uncertainty Mother Nature has in store.
Our manufacturing facility and office team are all under one roof, allowing old-school face-to-face interactions resulting in tighter communication flows and shortened lead times.

Our Difference

— Values
— Values

Towards Tomorrow. Together

  • Support our Partner’s Success
  • Be Accountable for our Actions and our Results
  • Innovate for the Needs of the Future
  • Challenge the Status Quo
  • Have Pride in our Company and in Ourselves

Our Culture

Our culture is driven by passion. We are passionate about design, innovation, pushing boundaries, and mastering new technology and processes. We are driven by the opportunity to bring our clients’ ideas to life; producing architectural decorative glass that will make people stop in their tracks to drink in the magnitude and deliver complete satisfaction to our clients. 

Thank you for trusting us with your projects.

— Culture

Our Team

Located all across North America, a Goldray Representative is ready and waiting to assist with options so you can achieve your design intent. At headquarters, a group of office staff look after your project details, while a team of craftspeople breath life into the glass. Together, we make every project breathtaking. Please click on our team page to learn more about the people delivering success to you, one project at a time.

— Our People