• Interior/Exterior
  • Glossy
  • Durable

Bring the dance of brilliant color shifts into a space.


Dichroic Glass swing the doors to creativity wide-open. This dynamic glass brings the dance of brilliant color shifts into a space, incorporating natural light into the design while taking advantage of both transmitted and reflected light changes. Depending on where the sun is sitting, its translucency allows for light to pass through and cast shadows all around a room and onto the ground as well.  

Design options can include using this as a single pane of glass, or to laminate products like metal mesh or fabrics to create a striking and unique feature piece that will elevate any space with dramatic effects. Printing or backpainting are also customizable options.

Often incorporated into public art, Dichroic’s color-shifting properties bring movement to a piece. Dichroic Glass can stop people in their tracks, leaving them tantalized and mesmerized by the playful use of light.

Strong enough for outside projects, yet with a playful elegance for inside spaces as well. Dichroic Glass brings a mood and a funkiness to any space.

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Product Color Options

2 Unique Colors
Copper Cyan Orange
Copper Cyan Orange

Copper Cyan Orange

Available in:

Features & Benefits

Suitable for interior and exterior applications

Standard and custom options available

Can be combined with other products

Cost effective and easy to maintain

Highly durable and abrasion resistant

Available in laminated or monolithic form

Glass in Action

With every material comes a range of beautiful innovative applications. Dichroic glass can be used in public art, elevators, skylights, canopies, partitions, doors, marker boards, and vision glass. Dichroic Glass is also compatible with our wall cladding systems.

TMillsHero1 min
This public art sculpture represents two salmons leaping out of the water, wrapping around each other. Dichroic glass gave a dynamic effect of movement by using light and color.
8178 min 1
By using a combination of multi-colored, lustrous stainless steel tiles, mixed with Dichroic Glass, the museum at Prairiefire effectively incorporates the story of the region, stemming from the Kansas tradition of controlled prairie burns.
Dichroic PUblic Art
With the movement of the sun the shadows created with the light passing through Dichroic Glass used in canopies is a work of art in itself.

Product Specifications

Browse through our technical information. If you have any other questions or wish to receive additional documentation, we encourage you to contact us.

  • Glass Tolerances

    Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for the glass thickness and weight.

  • Standards and Specifications

    Goldray’s Dichroic Glass complies with all major building codes and meets the following industry standards:

    • ASTM C1036 - Specification for Flat Glass
    • ASTM C1048 - Specification for Heat Strengthenedand Fully Tempered Flat Glass 
    • ASTM C1172 - Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass (When Laminated)   

    Applicable Standards:

    • ANSI 97.1: Pass
      » Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings
      » Safety Performance Specifications and Methods Test
    • 16 CFR 1201: Pass
    • CAN/CGSB 12.1-2017: Pass
  • Product Applications
    • Public Art
    • Partitions & Doors
    • Marker Boards
    • Skylights & canopies
    • Glass Railings
    • Elevator Cabs

    Compatible with the following Products:

    • Graphics
    • Woven
    • Patterns
    • Solid Color+
  • Sustainability

    Clean Air Gold Certified

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