Glass Marker Boards

Magnetic &
- Projectable

  • Interior
  • Variety of Colors/Patterns/Graphics
  • Easy to Clean

Inspiring creativity, collaboration, and order.


Goldray's Glass Marker Boards offer the ultimate, multi-purpose wall covering for classrooms, boardrooms, kitchens, restaurants, offices, and more.  

Our Marker Boards utilize an opaque coating applied to the glass resulting in a magnetic, projectable, and writable surface.  Traditionally marker boards are white, but we can produce them in a wide variety of colors from our Solid Color+ line and can include design elements like logos, quotes, and calendars. 

Low maintenance, durable, sleek, and modern, Goldray Marker Boards inspire creativity, collaboration, and order.

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Product Color Options

4 Unique Colors
Chalk websize
Chalk websize


Available in:

Features & Benefits

Suitable for interior applications

Highly customizable

Can be combined with other products

Highly durable and abrasion resistant

Easy to clean with no ghosting

Glass in Action

With every material comes a range of beautifully innovative applications. Discover how adding from the Solid Color+ palette you can transform your project to include a multipurpose glass magnetic Marker Board.

Marker Board Writing
Brainstorm, write, erase, repeat. Glass dry erase boards are a great way to capture ideas.
Marker Board Boardroom
Meeting room walls can provide the sleek, elegant, beautiful design created with glass, as well as the functional solution that supports brainstorming and getting your ideas down for all to see.
GlassMarkerBoardsHero2 min

Product Specifications

Browse through our technical information. If you have any other questions or wish to receive additional documentation, we encourage you to contact us.

  • Sustainability Certification

     Clean Air GOLD certified

  • Glass Tolerances

    Please refer to the Product Data Sheet for the glass thickness and weight.

  • Standards and Specifications

    Goldray’s Marker Boards comply with all major building codes and meets the following industry standards:

    • ASTM C1036 - Specification for Flat Glass
    • ASTM C1048 - Specification for Heat Strengthened and Fully Tempered Flat Glass
    • ASTM C1172 - Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass


    Applicable Specifications:

    • ANSI 97.1 - Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings - Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test
    • ASTM E-84 - Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building
    • 16 CFR 1201: Pass
    • CAN/CGSB 12.1-2017: Pass
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