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Integral to the vision of a future-forward Uber Mission Bay urban campus, is that this workplace is about community and identity; transparency and connectivity, and an enhanced user experience focused on sustainability and wellness. 

Dichroic glass was included to help Uber achieve a mature, centralized workspace where candor and connection leads to everyone being their best self. Human-centered design is the central concept, setting the tone for a company committed to building, growing, and moving forward together with the city it calls home.

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Cleverly adding light, movement and interest with a Dichroic glass ceiling

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A splash of color even in the most unusual places has a lot to say about a space

LEED v4 GOLD, WELL Certified building, the story begins in the building lobbies and each floor's elevator lobbies where Uber set the tone for an incredible user experience.

Glass In Action

As a part of a four-building superblock campus, Buildings 3 & 4 encompass two, eleven-story towers totaling 584,000 RSF. The design of the interiors focuses on Uber’s vision of the future workplace: Places for collaboration or celebration contrasted with quiet respites for deep dives into considered work or self-reflection. Underscoring one's journey through the buildings is a design approach that conveys a sense of place and the experience of wellbeing.

Glass options helped with Huntsman Architectural Group's design intent to remove physical barriers and silos and to focus on transparent and connected spaces with unobstructed sightlines to the outdoors and between floors.

Personal autonomy and choice are reflected in the design of intuitive transitional spaces for solitary work and ancillary spaces for small group collaboration. With comfortable seating and a state-of-the-art programmable backlit ceiling, color varies throughout the day creating a dynamic and energetic environment.

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Uber San Francisco Dichroic Ceiling Eric Laignel 3MP4

Dichroic glass makes for a dramatic first impression


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Uber San Francisco Dichroic Ceiling Eric Laignel 2 MP4

Glass ceilings are often an after thought and yet have such a strong impact

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