Gorilla® Glass

  • Interior
  • Durable

Durable - elegant - functional


Always Tough. Always Innovating. 

Remarkably tough and incredibly thin, Corning Gorilla Glass enables progressive new lightweight designs with excellent optical performance for interior architecture. 

Life-tough, Gorilla Glass provides durability, scratch resistance, and technology integration while future-proofing design and functionality. Its optical clarity and pristine surface take elegance, prestige, and dramatic radiance to another level, bringing extraordinary visual vibrance into a space.  

At only 2 mm thick, Gorilla Glass is an incredibly thin, yet highly durable alternative to traditional architectural glass panels. Perfect for small, weight-sensitive, high-traffic spaces like elevator interiors, where panels must withstand occasional impact without sacrificing style.

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Features & Benefits

Suitable for interior applications

Highly durable and abrasion resistant

Superior clarity and true color

Can be combined with other products

Ideal for weight-sensitive applications

Gorilla Glass 2

Product Specifications

Browse through our technical information. If you have any other questions or wish to receive additional documentation, we encourage you to contact us.

  • Sustainability Certification

    Clean Air Gold Certified

  • Glass Tolerances

    Clear - Maximum Size: 47” x 79“

    Anti-Glare - Maximum Size: 46” x 79“

    Glass Thickness: 2 mm (5⁄64”), others upon request

    Edgework: Pencil profile

    Finish: Available in Clear or Anti-Glare finish

  • Standards and Specifications

    Corning Gorilla Glass meets ASTM standards for flat glass. With a qualified panel backer, it meets US standards for indoor use including:

    • CPSC 16
    • CFR 1201
    • ASTM E84
    • ANSI Z97.1-2009: Pass
    • ANSI Maximum Impact Class A: Pass
    • CPSC Maximum Impact Cat II: Pass
  • Product Applications
    • MOSAIC and NOVA Systems
    • Marker Boards
    • Elevators
    • Traditional Glazing
    • Spandrel Glass
    • Backpainted Glass
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