Radisson Blu in Mall of America

Sleek, opaque glass walls cocoon with comfortable sophistication

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Radisson Blue at Mall of America 1 4mp
Project Details

Minneapolis, MN


Glass Wall Cladding


Service / Recreational

Type of Glass

Solid Color

The Story


Goldray was specified to manufacture luxury glass finishing for this stunning hotel lobby. The sleek, opaque black backpainted glass walls frame the stairwell and surround the sophisticated sitting area and concierge. On the reverse of these partitions is a contrasting glossy, white backpainted glass application. The reception area has a completely different atmosphere depending on which side of the decorative glass installation you are on. When guests first arrive, they are greeted with the darker ambiance, but as they round the corner to ride the escalator or take the stairs, the ambiance changes to light and airy.

Goldray's black Solid Color glass wall cladding chosen for this iconic project is an opaque, colorful, and durable glass coating applied to the unexposed surface of glass. Goldray has a wide range of standard and custom colors, including both solid and metallic.

Our Team


ESG Architects



Sales Rep

Alana Sunness-Griffiths - Empirehouse

Radisson Blue at Mall of America 3 4mp

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