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Valley Line LRT Edmonton Graphics 9
Valley Line LRT Edmonton Graphics 4
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Edmonton, Alberta


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The City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Arts Council installed 14 public artworks along the city's new Valley Line Southeast LRT in 2018. The artworks include sculptures, paintings, glass art, and mosaics from both local and international artists, showcasing the city's artistic and cultural diversity. The pieces incorporate biophilic design to bring elements of nature into the built environment and improve the health and wellbeing of passengers. Four of the stops feature glass partitions with artwork and patterns to add privacy and visual interest. One stop uses bodies, archival images, and drawings to symbolize the connection with the Papaschase Indigenous territories. Another stop has large colorful bands of glass to represent the diverse natural and cultural history of the region. The third stop features painted glass to represent the four seasons, with poetry and text created through engagement with a local school. The fourth stop includes colorful mosaic lanterns created from photography printed on glass to represent the community's diversity.

Glass panels were fabricated to incorporate a DuraClear film as an interlayer, upon which the artists’ creations were printed. Each of the four installations uses a proprietary combination of digitally printed, low iron, laminated glass, and takes into consideration the artists’ vision and the needs of the Edmonton Transit Service and Transit Security.

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Valley Line LRT Edmonton Graphics 5

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