Chicago O'Hare Airport Wall Cladding

Use colors and images on a glass canvas

Graphics on Glass
Project Details

Chicago, IL


Glass Wall Cladding



Type of Glass

Graphics,Solid Color

The Story

With the goal of rooting traveler's in their current location, the design team worked with an artist to transform NASA satellite photos of the Chicago area into a brilliant mosaic tile pattern. The pattern was printed onto the partition glass panels using Goldray's digital ceramic printing process, achieving a high resolution, full color image. Once installed, the panels depict a continuous image that starts with the waters of Lake Michigan and flows seamlessly through to the shallow shores, inner city, and on to the rural farmland outside Chicago. Once visitors reach the atrium, the pattern begins to vary, ensuring the flow of natural light without diminishing its privacy function.

Our Team


Epstein Global


VEI Supply

Sales Rep

Craig MacGregor - MacGregor Architectural Products

Graphics on Glass

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