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Toronto, ON


Glass Wall Cladding



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Solid Color+


In June 2017, construction started on a new, larger GO Bus Terminal to provide more efficient service and improved  access to downtown amenities and transit. The new, enhanced Union Station Bus Terminal is a partnership project between Metrolinx and Ivanhoé Cambridge and Hines. The Union Station Bus Terminal is part of the larger CIBC Square development, which includes two office towers and a park spanning the GO rail corridor.

Goldray Glass worked closely with Tagg, Hines, Adamson Associates Architects, and Ellis Don to design, project manage,
and install approximately 30,000 sq. ft. of glass for this significant initiative.

MOSAIC brings beauty, durability, and easy maintenance

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Measure. Order. Hang. Glass installation has never been easier.

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MOSAIC is ideal for walls in high traffic indoor areas where durability and easy maintenance is a priority.

MOSAIC is a prefabricated mechanical way to hang glass on anything. The system can get projects completed TEN TIMES faster, with less fuss and stress — and increased savings in time and money. MOSAIC offers flexibility with a wide range of colors and products.

Glass In Action

Success with MOSAIC comes down to THREE simple steps:

1. MEASURE your substrate. We calculate panels to fit.
2. ORDER your custom MOSAIC system.
3. HANG your perfect made to measure panels in place.

MOSAIC is ideal for walls in high traffic indoor areas where durability and
cleanliness are a priority, e.g., lobbies, transportation hubs, and hotels.

For collaboration spaces such as boardrooms and conference centres, the
glass provides projection and markerboard functionality as well. 

We live in a world where time is money. Eliminating the cure time could be your secret weapon. You are deadline-driven, resourced challenged and want your projects to showcase your reputation as delivering only the best. On time, and on budget.

MOSAIC, Goldray’s wall cladding system, moves you into the league of innovators. You are doing it differently because you are visionary.

Your time is valuable. Access to space can be limited. The glass install is  usually the final piece to get the project finished. But it is the pièce derésistance that brings the WOW factor every time.

The versatility of MOSAIC is second to none.

Our Team

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Applications onto the glass is easy to incorporate.


Adamson Associates


Tag Engineering

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Steve Piccinin

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Floor to ceiling glass on the wall installed in a fraction of the time due to removal of curing time. ver been easier to achieve.

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